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Louise and Sara Beauchamp, twin sisters and founding partners of LaFemmeVerte produce a beautiful range of natural skincare products ~ created by women, for women, to care for skin and wellbeing in midlife, in peri and the menopause and beyond.

Both Louise and Sara have Diplomas in Organic and Natural Skincare Formulation, recognised qualifications within the skincare industry. Using only natural ingredients their products  really target the skin concerns that women have at this stage of their lives, such as dryness, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, roseacea and hyper pigmentation (age spots) and the essential oils used in the three different fragrance ranges ~ Geranium Rose and Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Bergamot and Frankincense and Vetiver ~ have been researched and chosen especially for their aromatherapeutic benefits on emotion.

As part of the adaptive and responsive, all device friendly eCommerce website and in social media they are also creating a space for women to come together, naturally empowering beauty through an online community and helping all women at this transitional stage of life and beyond, to own and manage their vulnerabilities, restore confidence, and cherish their own beauty.

Authentic, real, natural and unashamedly feminine, the primary Brand marque is inspired by the origins of the meaning of LaFemmeVerte ~ The Green Woman ~ The essence of nature, she can be regarded as completely grounded, rooted of the earth and at peace with herself. It is an image that resonated with Louise and Sara and where they want to be.

The supporting Roundel, a floral wreath surrounding the monogram LFV initials, is inspired by a much loved mirror, originally belonging to Louise and Sara’s mum. She had shared her love of plants and nature with them and honouring their mum’s memory helped to keep her with them at every stage of their LaFemmeVerte journey.

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